Light cruiser

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2. generation cruiser.

Basic specifications:

  • Generation: 1
  • Class: Cruisers
  • Equivalent unit: 5,00

Combat specifications:

Manufacturing specifications:

  • Required technologies: -
  • Manufactured per round: 1,26

Light cruiser

After the colonisation of the first exoplanets and the foundation of the UPA, it didn't take a long time, to see warships across the galaxy. To limit the unreasonable arms race between the colonies, the leaders of the UPA signed a bunch of pacts to exactly regulate the contemporary and the newer ship's size, weaponry and defense systems. The negotiations lead to ship, suitable for that age's military requirements. The first, first generation ship was the Light cruiser, with a simple design, titanium armour and lasercannons. The simple and cheap manufacturing means that this ship is still used for border patrol and piracy.

Additional specifications

  • Length: 74 meters
  • Width: 36 méters
  • Height: 34 méters
  • Weight: 4500 metric tons
  • Crew: 37 (9 naval officier, 6 mechanic, 22 marine)
  • Armour: titanium