A Zandagortica WiKi wikiből

2. generation fighter.

Basic specifications:

  • Generation: 2
  • Class: Fighters
  • Equivalent unit: 3,80

Combat specifications:

Manufacturing specifications:

  • Required technologies: Photontorpedo(220 000 RP)
  • Manufactured per round: 1,66


The renegotiated treaty allowed the development of all ship classes - which meant the birth of the 2. generations ships. The quite militaristic leaders didn't hesitate to have a go at it. Based on the Scorpion , the new model had severel redesigned structural elements and with the revision of known problems, the Fighter got a new, more perfect hull. To protect the ship, the well-tried Wyczinski-refractor, was incorporated, but the plasmatorpedoes were exhanged with photontorpedoes, which have greater plasmatemperature and photonintensity, thus greater destructional capacity. Naturally, the fleets soon adopted the new, faster and stronger model, meaning greater attack capacity for a squadron.

Additional specifications

  • Length: 12 meters
  • Width: 7 meters
  • Height: 3 meters
  • Weight: 12,6 metric tons
  • Crew: 3 (1 pilot, 1 navigator, 1 gunner)
  • Armament: photontorpedo
  • Armour: refractor