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2. generation cruiser.

Basic specifications:

  • Generation: 2
  • Class: Cruisers
  • Equivalent unit: 15,20

Combat specifications:

Manufacturing specifications:

  • Required technologies: Reactive titanium armor (10 000 RP), Bilayer reactive titanium armor (110 000 KP), Impulse laser (100 000 RP)
  • Manufactured per round: 0,42


The UPA's regulations's revision was induced by their mass violations. Fourteen years after the creations of the Frigate's prototype, the leaders of the six most advanced colony secretly agreed to develope a new cruiser which is capable of overcoming the Scorpion, and to replace the obsolote Light cruiser. Despite not being very effective againts Fighters - because of the unchanged laser/titanium concept - the Cruiser's heavy laser and dual layer armour nevertheless made it a more formidable warship. When the UPA had came to know about the secret pact, a great dilemma came to life: the Cruiser was a superweapon, which could easily destroy all the Frigates and Light Cruisers, so an open war against the Six seem to be disastrousy, but on the other way, the other colonies, who didn't violate the regulations, couldn't allowed to remain in a handicapped situation. At the end, the treaty was revisioned and it allowed the development of newer and newer ships, but with certain regulations.

Additional specifications

  • Length: 119 meter
  • Width: 45 meter
  • Height: 38 meter
  • Weight: 10000 metric tons
  • Crew: 50 11 naval officier, 10 mechanic, 29 marine)
  • Weaponry: lasercannons
  • Armour: titanium